Toodala front porch favorites
- Winner of a 2003 Parents' Choice Award!

Jumpin' Frog Jubilee -
- "Best Song for Younger Children"
by the Children's Music Web Awards 2003

School Library Journal, December, 2003:
Music Educator Gayle Schmitt, along with her, "Toodala Ramblers," presents 17 lively tunes on this toe-tapping album. Schmitt, who encourages children to see music as something to be experienced by everyone, not just by entertainers, packs the album with old favorites and new twists on classics. Kids and adults alike will recognize the likes of "Turkey in the Straw," "Ain't No Bugs On Me," and "Buffalo Gals," but Schmitt also offers verses that may be less familiar. Many of the songs involve clapping and other actions, and some, like the "The Doodlebug Song," will be valuable additions to Librarians' story time tool kits. Schmitt includes two original songs done in the traditional style: "Katie's Dumplings" is based on the recipe of Schmitt's great aunt, and "Jumpin' Frog Jubilee," draws its inspiration from Mark Twain's short story, "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County." Whether dancing "All Around the Kitchen," or swaying to the lovely lullaby, "Open the Window," everyone in the family will enjoy this collection of traditional favorites. -Kathleen Kelly MacMillan Maryland School for the Deaf, Columbia

By Brenda Hough - Northern California Bluegrass Society

Gayle Schmitt is a music/movement teacher in San Francisco and this CD features songs that kids of any age will enjoy. She has gathered some Bay Area bluegrass musicians to accompany her in this collection of old-time fun songs and there's lots of hot picking and strumming on the tunes.
Bluegrass fans will appreciate the banjo licks mixed with fast fiddle and soaring Dobro.
Your toes will be tapping along with "Pig in a Pen," "Turkey in the Straw," and "Buffalo Gals." Food fans will want to sing along with "Katie's Dumplings," "How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?" and "Sweet Potatoes." The old camp favorite "Ain't No Bugs On Me" is full of bouncy mandolin
and banjo.
Gayle has even written a song in honor of the "Jumping Frog Jubilee." If the usual bluegrass diet of lovelorn songs, cabins in the mountains and renegades gets you down, this is great for a change of pace and a good collection of songs for kids and grownups to sing together.

From Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

Gayle Schmitt is a teacher/musician currently residing in San Francisco and dedicated to sharing her love of music with children. With the assistance of a multitude of friends and pickers, she has created "Toodala, Front Porch Favorites," a collection of mostly traditional songs designed for children of all ages. The 17 selections include titles such as "Cluck Ol' Hen," "Ain't No Bugs On Me," "Pig in a Pen," "Turkey in the Straw," and "Buffalo Gals." Also included are a pair of originals, the first of which is
"Jumpin' Frog Jubilee," based on a famous Mark Twain short story. The second, "Katie's Dumplings," was inspired by the cooking of Gayle's great aunt. For anyone who knows a young child, "Toodala" is an excellent means of introducing them to the joys of traditional values. everything is a song!

everything is a song!
A 1999 Parents Choice Award Recipient:

By Lynne Heffley, Parents Choice

Music/Movement educator Gayle Schmitt performs inviting play along, simple songs about a helicopter, a fire engine, falling leaves, giving each its own individual style with carefully chosen instruments from a musical saw and steel drums, to brass, wind and string instruments, and even just hands clapping. The neat finale is a musical "soup" of all the instruments.

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