Gayle Schmitt
"Everything is a Song"

A 1999 Parents'Choice Silver Award Winner

For Ages 4 to 6
Music/movement educator Gayle Schmitt performs inviting playalong,
simple songs about a helicoptor, a fire engine, falling leaves, giving each
its own individual style with carefully chosen instruments, from a musical
saw and steel drums, to brass, wind and string instruments, and even just
hands clapping. The neat finale is a musical "Soup" of all the instruments.
(Lynne Heffley, Parents’ Choice ).

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haircut polar bear helicopter lemonade
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kitty cat leaves pizza fire engine
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lady bug dinosaur boo boo soup

~ Hear the violin become the kitty cat's meow, can you tell which is the real kitty?

~The clarinet brings the sirens in fire engine FIRE ENGINE alive?

~Listen as the tuba and trombone become the potatoes dropping into the soup.

Gayle Schmitt has a BA in Early Childhood Education.  She Taught in the public schools and for the Head Start and has been teaching Music/Movement classes in San Francisco since 1994.  Gayle also has a tape of songs for adults called Just About to Bloom.

The CD has 12 songs for children, each featuring a different instrument.

E-mail Gayle for ordering information.
Tapes are also available.
Quantity discounts available for teachers and schools.

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A short note on the illustrator of the Images on Gayle Schmitt's Everything is a Song:
Mike Logsdon has been drawing since he was a child, and he just never stopped. He has "grown up" only in the most narrow sense of the word, maintaining his childlike excitement  about life. A working professional for twenty years, Mike is always interested in helping people out with a project. Recently married, he lives with his wife Alice in New York City.
    Mike can be reached at


For Information or to order CDs, tapes, movement booklet or lyrics contact JG Productions at:
436 Waller Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

or drop a note to Gayle at at

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polar bear
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kitty cat
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fire engine
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lady bug
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boo boo
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